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Automotive Tinting
Charger Automotive Tint

With over 15 years of experience installing window film on automobiles, we understand the importance of a clean and professional installation that will withstand longevity.  With that being said we only use the highest quality, color stable films which carry a lifetime warranty against excessive fading, peeling, cracking or bubbling.  Not all window film is created equal and we choose not to risk our name or finished product by saving a few bucks on material by purchasing a poor-quality film.  Please compare apples to apples when shopping for window film!  


We currently carry two lines of film for you to choose from:

Our entry-level film is a color stable, non-reflective film which is for someone looking to achieve “the look” of tinted windows. This film performs well to block 99% of harmful UV rays and reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes while being Signal safe and will cause no interruption with GPS and radio signals.



Our second line of film is a Ceramic IR film which carries the same attributes as the film above however rejects heat exceptionally well with about 25% more heat block.  This is the choice for someone looking to block the optimal amount of heat with their window film installation. 

SUV Automotive Tint


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