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  • Can you come to my home to tint my car?
    Yes, we are set up as a mobile business and can come to you for convenience although there will be a charge based on distance. We will need a clean & well-lit environment with plenty of space to move around the vehicle to do so.
  • Can you pick up my vehicle and return it to me when completed?
    Yes, we do offer valet service although there will be a charge based on distance.
  • Do I need and appointment?
    Yes, please call or book online to schedule so we can set aside time for your project!
  • Can I wait while you tint my car?
    If you are only having the 2 front windows tinted yes you can wait as this will only take about 1 hour, If you are having the entire car tinted this will take 3-4 hours and it is highly suggested you have a ride.
  • Do you have to remove the door panels to tint the windows on my car?
    We typically do not need to remove the door panels to install the film, however there are some cases we do need to remove trim pieces or panels in order to install the window film efficiently & effectively.
  • What should I use to clean my windows?
    Please use Ammonia free glass cleaner along with a clean debris free mircrofiber towel
  • Will there be a charge to remove existing window film?
    Yes, removing existing window film requires specific tools to remove old film properly and safely specifically over the rear defroster grid.
  • Is there a difference between factory tinted windows and the window tint you will install?
    Yes, Factory tinted windows offer privacy but do not block the suns harmful UV rays. Aftermarket window film will block UV rays as well as heat and offers you and your interior sun protection. Factory tint can never be removed but we can install aftermarket film overtop of it.
  • I have blinds at my home or business, How can window tint help me?"
    Blinds do just that, They BLIND you from seeing through the window. Window film will reduce glare much like blinds however it will not obstruct the view and also can gain you great energy savings by decreasing the cooling costs, increases security, and is not nearly as difficult to clean!
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